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Hey Y'all! I love doing these get to know me blog posts and I haven't done one in a while so I thought I would share some facts that you may or may not know about me!

1. I am a cancer! I was born June 22, 1995 and when I was younger and found out my zodiac sign I freaked out. I used to tell my mom " I don't want to be Cancer". Thinking about that now...maybe that's why I am not into zodiac signs and horoscopes.

2. I love to fly!! Put me in an airplane and I'm happy!!

3. My dream vacation is Bora Bora or Greece!

4. I saw snow for the first time this year and fell in love with it!

5. My dream job is to be a Kindergarten teacher and I am making that dream a reality and starting school soon!

6. I am addicted to tattoos and can't wait to get more! I currently have 3!

7. I love all sports and my favorite weekend activity is going to sporting events!

8. I love online shopping and by that I mean adding a bunch of stuff to a cart and never actually purchasing it.

9. I have a serious addiction to Chick Fil A and Chick Fil A sauce!!

10. I am very goal oriented and I know exactly what I want in life and I refuse to settle for anything less.

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