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Hey Y'all!! Today I am talking about one of my favorite things! SELF TANNER!! Anyone who knows me knows I am a self tan addict. I have been using self tanner for so many years at this point that I feel like I have found some good products and techniques that work. This is all through trial and error and trust me I have had some major errors over the years but I am here to tell you what I believe are great tanners that last and don't look scary! Keep reading if you want to know more!

Starting with my tips!

1. EXFOLIATE!! I can't preach this enough! In order for your self tan to really stick to your skin you HAVE to scrub off any old tan and dead skin. I typically will do this the night before and also the night I plan to self tan just to make sure I am 100% ready!

2. Apply self tanner at night! This has been one of my biggest and best tips I have found. I always self tan at night that way I can sleep while it really develops. I like to be able to tell I am dark and tan the next day and sleeping on it allows for the tan to develop to it's full potential. The rule of thumb is 8 hours ( unless you have an express tanner).

3. Use a tanning mit! Nobody likes to have orange or bad self tanned hands so the best way to keep that from happening is to use a mit! They're so affordable and I will link my favorite one here!

4. Apply to hands and feet last! I was always queen of bad tanned hands and feet! Over the years I have found that if you tan your hands and feet last with just whatever product is left on the mit it does make a world of difference!

5. Apply lightly to elbows!! I can't tell you how many times I have seen women with a nice dark tan and when they turn around their elbows look horrendous!! Please be sure to just lightly go over those spots!

6. Moisturize daily after applying self tanner! This is going to ensure that you get the full wear potential from that tanner.

7. After showering DO NOT rub the towel on your body! Doing that will rub all the tan off! make sure to pat dry or even air dry if you have that option!

8. Start with a little and build it up! Remember the can always add more but you can't take some away! Start with a pump or two and work up from there just be sure to blend it in before applying another layer! This will keep it from being streaky!

9. Wear loose fitting clothing after applying! Pretty self explanatory! I usually will wear a big t shirt, sweatpants or loose shorts to sleep in.

10. Apply sparingly to your face. Personally I never apply tanner to my face because I have very sensitive skin but if you are going to I suggest applying it to the face last. Just like I mentioned with hands and feet only use what you have left on your mit!

Those were my top 10 on to my favorite tanners!!

As I said before I am a tanning addict so naturally I have tried some real doozies in the past but I am here to tell you the ones in this list work and they work good!!

1. St Tropez! I have always been a huge fan of their tanning products! I love the original dark one linked here! I also love the new one they just came out with and let me tell can be a little intimating at first but the color is great after rinsing it! Its the St. Tropez extra dark...linked here! I also love the gradual tan tinted lotion from's a great product to apply daily to keep your tan lasting longer and glowy, linked here!

2. Vita Liberata! They have a few different products I really liked starting with the 2-3 week tanning mouse! This stuff gives such a dark, bronzey glow that looks amazing! The lasting power of this one really holds up to the name as well, linked here! Another product from Vita Liberata I love is the self tanning lotion. If you are looking for something quick and easy this the product for you! Again just like with the St. Tropez one I like to apply this a few times a week after self tanning to preserve my glow. I have linked it here.

3. Fake Bake! Instead of a mousse this one is a spray. This gives the airbrushed spray tan finish which I love for the summer time. It's so quick to apply and after developing leaves a natural dark finish. Linked here.

4. Loving Tan! The most talked about and raved self tanner on Instagram! It really does leave a natural dark tan but be sure to keep moisturizing after applying this one or it does start to fade. Linked here.

5. St. Moriz! A more budget friendly self tanner but this one can be slightly scary. It does come out green but I promise it does not turn out that way after developing! It does give a very deep tan and the staying power of this one is just as good as some higher end ones. Linked here.

6. NKD Skin! If you are just starting out this is one of the products I highly recommend. It is very affordable and is not a scary tanning lotion or mousse. This one does come out looking like a normal lotion and is meant to be used daily. It does give you a gradual tan and looks very natural. Just be sure to wash your hands after applying! I recommend to use a mit! Linked here. They also make a self tan mousse which is also a great product! Again budget friendly and long lasting! Linked here.

If you guys have any recommendations for self tanners you would like me to try and review please let me know, I am always up for trying new things!! Please don't forget to subscribe to never miss a blog post and also follow all my social media sites!



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