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This past weekend was filled with holiday events and I wanted to share one of the outfits I put together and wore on Sunday. Sunday was a Christmas show at an art museum for my niece and brothers schools. Since it was so hot out that day I threw together a Florida "Winter" outfit!

My top is from Francescas a while ago but I will try to link a similar one here!

My jeans are from Hollister. They are actually jeggings and these might be my new style of jean to wear! We all know how I feel about my high waisted pants (wide hip problems) and these are so stretchy and not to mention make the booty look great! I will link them here!

My booties are from Tillys. I have shared these a ton on here and obviously they are one of my favorite shoes to wear. I will link a similar pair here!

My red bag is from TJ Maxx! When I first picked this up I didn't see anyone with this style bag and all of a sudden I feel like so many people are posting this same style everywhere! I love the red because it just brings in a pop of color to any outfit! I will link a similar one here!

Thanks to my little brother for shooting this outfit for me! I'm telling y'all he's such a good sport and such a great photographer!

Anyways, hope you guys liked this outfit! Let me know what your plans for the holiday season are because I am always looking for new ideas! Don't forget to subscribe to my blog and follow my social media sites!



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