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Hey y'all!

Since I did a gift guide for her I couldn't leave the men out of this fun time! I have linked a few different ideas for the men in your life below!

1. Hydrology State Map. $79 at Muir Way. They offer all the states and even have country ones as well. These are so cool and would be a great idea for the man in your life that loves interesting maps and geography. Linked Here!

2. Major League Baseball Stadium Screen Print. $55 at Uncommon Goods. I think this is one of the coolest ideas. When I saw it I thought of my little brother and how he would love this! If you have a baseball fanatic in your life then this is perfect! Linked Here!

3. Sky Viper Drone. $98.99 at Target. Drones are one of the coolest ideas and all the men in my life have loved anytime they received one as a gift. Linked Here!

4. Cocktail Construction Map. $55 at Muir Way. I find this to be one of the coolest wall art pieces! If you know a man who appreciates the art of cocktails then here you go! Linked Here!

5. Jack Black Beard Grooming Set. $35 at Ulta. If you know a guy with a beard then he for sure needs this grooming set! Linked Here!

6. Yeti Roadie 20. $199.99 at Yeti. This is the dream cooler of any man and he's lying if he says otherwise. It's a little pricey but it's worth it. Linked Here!

7. Vintage American Flag Wall Art. $33 at Way Fair. I love vintage distressed pieces like this and also who doesn't love the american flag? This is a great art piece! Linked Here!

8. Beeropoly! $35 at Uncommon Goods! If your man has guys nights and loves beer than this is perfect for him! Linked here!

9. Urban Map Glass. $16 at Uncommon Goods! How cool is this glass? You can get it a bunch of different cities! Linked Here!

10. Whiskey and Rum Making Kit. $75 at Uncommon Goods. If you have a guy in your life who loves whiskey and rum than this is a great idea! Who wouldn't want to make it at home? Linked Here!

11. Beer Pop Chart! $40 at Uncommon Goods. This is super cool since it shows 89 different brew types and how they are served. Linked Here!

12. Yeti 30oz Rambler. $34.99 at Yeti. Just like the cooler this cup is great! Keeps your drinks hot or cold all day. Linked Here!

13. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. $81 at Amazon. These speakers are great for being by the pool, at the beach or on the boat. Linked Here!

14. Columbia Men's Hoodie. $33 at Amazon. Even men like hoodies...but so do us women. So buy your man a hoodie then steal it and this one is super cozy! Linked Here!

15. Tile Mate Item Tracker. $19 at Target. Men would lose their heads if they weren't attached so at least this will help them find their keys a little quicker. Linked Here!

16. Nightstand Organizer! $19.99 at Amazon. This is perfect to help a man stay organized. Most of the time things just end up laying everywhere but with this they can have a certain place to put it all! Linked Here!

17. G-Shock Watch. $99 at Macys. I love watches and I will always say this is a top gift for a man! I especially love G-Shock watches, they look nice and are great quality. Linked Here!

Hope y'all got some good ideas for the men in your life! I just wanted to share a few different ideas and most of these are from Uncommon Goods and they have some great gift ideas! Don't forget to subscribe and follow my social media sites!



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