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Hey y'all! Happy Monday!

I'm one of those weirdos who actually loves Mondays! I look at them as a fresh start, a new beginning or a chance to have a great week! I look at Monday as a chance to start some goals for myself. Maybe last week you really wanted to start a new workout routine but things got in the way and by Wednesday you were telling yourself "it's okay Monday is almost here, I'll start then". Now that Monday is here there are no excuses to keep you from reaching your goals you had last week or maybe some new goals you have for this week.

I like to start my Monday's on Sunday nights. It might sound a little strange but since I have started doing this it has made a huge difference. Sunday night I usually will spend some time just making sure everything is in order for Monday, EX. Clean room, clean bathroom, clean sheets, clean laundry. Etc. To me if I make sure to complete all of those chores I already feel like I will start the week fresh and less stressed out. Another thing I do on Sunday is I like to make my upcoming week's schedule. I usually will pour myself a glass of wine and sit down and write everything out..every little detail as well as a weekly goals. I am a huge list maker and I thrive off being able to cross things off and be able to see what I have already accomplished. I promise you if you write every task, appointment and daily to do list you will be so much more organized and less stressed!

When it comes to Monday mornings, I LOVE them! I'm not typically a morning person but there is something about a Monday I genuinely like waking up and getting my week started. If you wake up in a bad mood right off the bat on a Monday you 'll probably keep that mood going all week. I love to wake up and just be happy and thankful I'm alive, living and thriving in this life. I also take the time in the morning to think of my goals I have for the week and how I will achieve them. While I am getting ready for work I either listen to an uplifting and motivational podcast or I will play an upbeat playlist on my Spotify. Speaking of getting ready I typically try to make myself look a little more put together, I am a strong believer of if you look good, you will feel good. Once I get my day started I really try to focus on the good and the positive in the day. Don't look at it as "ugh Monday, I have to do this again", look at it like "it's Monday, I get to do this again!".

Are you a Monday person? Do you like to start your Monday with a fresh and positive mind? Do you set goals for yourself weekly and achieve them? I want to know! I can't be the only weirdo who likes Monday's! Let me know what your favorite day of the week is and if it's Monday like me let me know why! Don't forget to follow my social media sites and subscribe to my blog!



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