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Hey Y'all! Today I am sharing my exact morning routine for work! I keep it very simple and I like my sleep so I try to get the most of it! I work in a professional office and have to be there by 8:30 AM, I am the farthest from a morning person so sometimes it is a struggle for me to get my booty out of bed.

Fact about me: I will never snooze my alarm or set multiple ones. It goes off at a certain time and I always get up, turn it off and get up no matter how tired I am.

7:05 AM: Alarm goes off

7:08 AM: In the bathroom for morning skin care routine. I touched on this in a blog post already and will link here! Again I keep it so simple and just try to do it as quick as possible.

7:12 AM: In my room to do my hair and makeup. I will always start with my hair since I have tired/ puffy eyes. I don't like putting anything on my eyes when I am just waking up.

For work I will normally straighten my hair and since I shower at night and wash my hair only 2-3 times a week it is already dry.

7:30 AM: Makeup time, I keep it simple! Concealer, a little powder to set, bronzer, eyebrows and mascara. It takes me 5 minutes and I feel good.

7:40 AM: Pick up my room, make my bed and pick out my clothes.

7:50 AM: Get dressed, put jewelry on and pack my bag for the day.

8:00 AM: final check of hair and makeup. This is when I will hair spray my hair to hold it in place and add some oil to the ends to keep it shiny and soft. I will also put on a little lip gloss or liquid lipstick if I am feeling it for the day. If not I just add chap stick.

8:10 AM: In the kitchen to pack my breakfast and grab a drink.

8:15 AM: Out the door and in the car

I usually get to work right on time. Lately though I have been a little early which has been nice. I'm not going to lie I normally feel rushed in the morning but I just can't seem to bring myself to wake up any earlier. Maybe it will be something I will try and work on. In a perfect world I would wake up at 5am no problem and workout. I envy people who can do that! For now though this is what works for me. Let me know that your morning routine is and if you workout in the morning, or evening! Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a post and follow my social media handles!



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