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Hey y'all! *Insert my happy Friday dance!* It's no surprise that I love Target, I actually think of Target being an action of self love. I could get lost in there for hours just strolling down every aisle. Have you ever heard the quote "I like long walks, down every aisle at Target"? Well that definitely describes me! I wanted to share with you a few things I picked up on my last Target haul.

I went in for 2 things and came out with $65 worth of things...I can't be the only one this happens to? Right?

I picked up these two lipsticks from Wet and Wild. I already have the rebel rose color and I have featured it in a blog post before but I saw these new colors and needed to have them. The first one is the color Nudist Peach (See what they did there) and it is just a very nude peachy color. I love it but I will say you have to apply more than one coat to get an opaque look. The next color is Goth Topic, it is more of a rusty red color. I love dark colors for the fall and these liquid lipsticks are one of my favorites because they aren't sticky and last for so long! Also super affordable!

Carrying On with makeup I also purchased this blush from Wet and Wild, in the color Mellow Wine. I love the Wet and Wild makeup products and they are such great quality for the price!

The next thing I picked up was nail polish remover, I go through this stuff so quick since I have been doing my own nails recently. I was going and getting the healthy nails for a few months but I decided to let my nails breathe for a while. I have had to build my nail polish collection back up as well and I picked up this wine/berry color for the fall. It is by sinful colors and it is called Aubergine.

I was out of shampoo and conditioner and since I go a while in between washes and let my hair get pretty greasy I needed more of a fortifying shampoo to last me a while when I don't wash my hair. I purchased the L'Oreal elvive extraordinary clay rebalancing shampoo. I also bought the matching conditioner I am a big fan of the L'Oreal hair products and I think they smell really nice! My hair has a hard time holding the smell of a product after I wash and style it but the L'Oreal hair line seems to last in my hair!

Since I can't walk in Target without picking up some snacks, I purchased my two usual foods. Cape Cod Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper chips...OMG if y'all haven't had these then I feel sorry for you! They are absolutely addicting and if I don't watch it, I will eat the whole bag in one sitting. I also picked up another bag of the Archer Farms, Pumpkin Spice granola. I eat this everyday for breakfast and I love it!

AND OF COURSE! The best purchase of all...My wine! Y'all this is on sale right now for $4.99!!! Get to your local Target and stock up! I just picked up the Barefoot Red Moscato. I have never been a red wine person but holy goodness! I love this stuff!! I also picked up my usual Moscato which is Barefoot. I wanted to get more but I also didn't want the cashier to judge me. I was in there with sweatpants and a t shirt, by myself after all...nothing screams single AF more than that! HAHA.

Anyways! That's all I got this Target trip, with the exception of what I made for dinner and some lady products. Didn't think y'all wanted to know all about those though. But don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a post and make sure to follow my social media sites!

XOXO, Taylor

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