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Hey Y'all!

Since I strive to be this positive and confident influencer that I hope people can look to for guidance or advice I thought this would be a great post and challenge to do!

Since my mom decided to allow me to wear makeup in middle school I have been addicted! Starting with blue eyeliner in 8th grade to ditching the eyeliner and rocking my big eyes! My mom has always tried to teach me that less is more and of course it didn't occur to me until now in my life that she is right.

I was always the girl that liked to do full glam I would wake up early just to do the whole foundation, concealer, contour thing....after a few years I asked myself why? Why was I doing all that? Was it making me happy? Who was I even doing this for?

Here is the simple answer: I was doing it because I thought I needed to change the way I naturally looked to appeal to people. I was always teased for my big eyes and I can't believe I am sharing this online but my nickname was even "Red Eyed Tree Frog". I thought that by piling on the thickest line of black eyeliner that it would make my eyes look smaller. I wasn't happy doing that everyday, I was tired. I was tired of feeling like I had to look good and in turn I thought it would make me feel good..which it never did.

Looking back now I wish I would've just embraced my natural self more when I was younger and didn't care what anyone else thought or said. That's why now I try the less is more look, my makeup routine for work takes me 5 minutes and it's just concealer, a little bronzer, eyebrows and mascara, oh and of course Highlighter ( I can't live without it). That's it! Simple right? I love my routine now and I feel more confident when I am simple then I did when I would pile the layers of foundation on. I don't feel like I need any of that anymore. Don't get me wrong I still LOVE makeup and I do still get glam on occasion but here's a fun fact...full glam or not I NEVER wear eyeliner. That's right I ditched the eyeliner and totally love my eye shape now. I don't care how big they look , I've realized some people wish they had big eyes and I should be happy I have them.

I definitely don't wear makeup everyday, I love skipping out of it on the weekends and just showing my natural skin. I do, however, wear it to work because I work in a professional office so I like to look a little put together.

Since I have had to work on feeling confident looking more natural I want you ladies to do the same. Sometimes our makeup is our security blanket and that is fine but I promise you, if you ditch it once in a while you may feel even more confident without it. I know I do...I feel pretty and confident and just as much of a bad ass without it as I do with it.

So here is my challenge for you...I want you ladies to ditch the foundation and lipstick for 24 hours! That's right, I said 24 hours! It might seem like a big jump to some but here is the thing, the more you do it the more confident and sexy you feel! If you have a pimple, embrace that shit! Who cares if your skin is a little blotchy, oily or even dry just own it and your confidence will radiate. Here is the truth, we all want to look good and feel sexy and if you can feel sexy with or without makeup that is when you are winning at life. I even dare y'all to snap a selfie (no filter) and use the hashtag #24hournomakeup and tag me! I would love to see all of you natural goddesses feeling confident!

I hope you all do this challenge and let me know how it felt to go 24 hours without makeup! I personally love it! Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss a post and follow my social media handles!



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