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Hey Y'all! Working out has always been a big hobby for me but I will admit I fall off the wagon real quick if I don't stay consistent. Today I wanted to share some of my biggest tips for staying consistent and motivated!

MY NUMBER 1 TIP! Buy some cute workout clothes! I know workout clothing can get pricey but I promise you it will motivate you way more than an old t shirt and baggy shorts! My leggings are from Victoria's Secret, My top is a crop top from Hollister, Sports Bra Victoria's Secret PINK

(here is a similar one) and sneakers Adidas! Wearing a cute outfit will immediately give you confidence to get moving! Some other great athletic brands I love are, Gym Shark, Fabletics

lulu Lemon and Michi.

TIP NUMBER 2! Drink plenty of water! I carry my yeti cup everywhere and I try to refill it at least 4-5 times a day. This is something I myself struggle with and I constantly have to remind myself to drink! Drinking water has so many benefits for you skin and body! For example it brightens the skin, increases your energy throughout the day and flushes out toxins!


TIP NUMBER 3! Try to exercise outside! I find for myself that when I get outside and get moving it makes me feel so good! Whether that be a run, a walk or even tossing the ball back and forth with my brother I always feel energized and refreshed after being outside.

TIP NUMBER 4! Set a schedule! This is a big one to staying consistent! If you do not have a routine or a schedule you are never going to make a habit of being active! For me personally I like to do my more intense workouts or what I get sweatier doing on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. As for Monday, Wednesday and Friday I like to keep it I do things like abs, arms and legs etc. I always use Saturday as my rest day!

TIP NUMBER 5! This goes along with tip number 4 but try to exercise at the same time! I know for me if I get home from work and sit down chances of me getting back up are pretty low. If I get off work and either head straight to the park I run at or go home and change first then go I can push myself to be active! So staying consistent with a time helps as well!

TIP NUMBER 6! Make a workout playlist! This is another important one for me! If I have good music to workout too then I am automatically excited to get going!

TIP NUMBER 7! Find something that you are interested in! Personally I love to run and I also really love HIIT workout and Yoga so I will incorporate those into my weekly workouts! Having exercises you like and enjoy will help to keep you motivated!

TIP NUMBER 8! Get enough sleep! This is a huge one!! If you are not getting enough sleep you are definitely not going to be motivated to get up or do anything after work! Try to get anywhere between 6-8 hours a night!

TIP NUMBER 9! Don't be afraid to get sweaty! I used to be so afraid to get sweaty and look gross because I cared what other people would I don't care! I actually love getting sweaty from working out because it makes me feel like I am achieving something! So never be afraid of a little sweat...just make sure to wear deodorant!

TIP NUMBER 10! Just be HAPPY. You should always be happy when you think about exercising it shouldn't feel like a chore and if it does switch it up! Try a new exercise or take your workout somewhere else! Do whatever makes you happy and that in itself will keep you motivated!

Hope y'all enjoyed it and let me know if you have any tips for staying motivated that you think I should know! As always don't forget to subscribe and follow my social media sites!



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