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Hey y'all! Happy Sunday! I wanted to get this post up for you today because Sunday's are my self care days! I spend most of my day preparing for the week ahead and relaxing. I want to walk you through my typical routine and how I practice self care along with some of my favorite things to get me through! Of course sometimes this routine changes depending on my mood or the day!

To start I generally like to let my body wake up naturally on a Sunday, that is usually anywhere between 8:30-10AM. Once I am awake I make sure to do my normal skincare routine before starting my day. After that is done I make my way back to my room where I will wash my sheets and clean my room/bathroom. I love doing this on Sundays because it starts the week fresh.

Once I am done cleaning it's usually early afternoon so I'll just get ready for the day and either go spend a few hours at my pool or the beach or even just hanging out with my friends. Another thing I love to do is workout on Sunday's, it jump starts my week and makes me more willing to keep up with it throughout the week. I love to go run after dinner and just clear my mind for the coming days.

After working out the real self care fun starts! I shower and will almost always exfoliate and just spend a few extra minutes in the shower relaxing. My favorite exfoliating scrub is the Soap and Glory Scrub of your life, I always use an exfoliating glove too! After the shower I'll do a face mask and I have talked about my favorite masks in a recent post which I will link here! Since my skin is now exfoliated and soft I will either self tan and for that I love the St. Tropez self tanner or the Loving Tan self tanner. If I chose not to self tan then I will moisturize with either Coconut Oil or a thick body butter like the Soap and Glory butter.

After showering, exfoliating and moisturizing I like to relax in my Victoria's Secret Satin robe and make myself a snack, lately I have been loving the Boom Chicka Pop Kettle Corn! I'll rinse my mask and finish with my nightly skincare routine before crawling into bed to watch some Netflix or read a book. Side note: I CANNOT wait for Jessie James Decker's book to hit the shelves! I will definitely be reading that!!

As I said Sunday's are a very relaxed day for me and I love them for that reason! I used to put everything off until Sunday night and would always wonder why I was so stressed all the time, since starting this routine I have noticed I wake up Monday morning feeling a little more refreshed and ready for the week. If you guys have any thing you love for self care let me know! I think it is so important to take care of not just your body but your mind too and sometimes we just need days/nights to ourselves. Thank you guys for reading and don't forget to subscribe and follow my Social Media accounts!

P.S. I'll admit I only used this wine for the pictures...Red is not my favorite, HOWEVER, I do love Apothic brand Rose! Or the Berigner Moscato!! Those are my go-to's for wine!

XOXO, Taylor

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