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Hey y'all! I am sharing my small Bath and Body works haul with you! If you know anything about me then you know I have an absolute obsession with Bath and Body works candles and more specifically the fall BBW candles! I live for this time of year and I always look forward to being able to burn these and relax with my glass of wine! I picked all these up this past weekend so they are all recent and currently in the store! I got them all on sale for $12.95 and although I don't think they are still on sale...don't you worry BBW does these sales quite often in the fall time!

I picked up the Black Cherry Merlot candle and this is a new one but WOW it smells so good! You all should really try this one!

I also purchased the Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow candle and this is a staple for me every year! I re purchase this every fall and usually purchase multiple throughout the season!

White Pumpkin! Another new one but another great one! Perfect Cinnamon and pumpkin mix!

Pumpkin Peanut Brittle! The name says it all! Pick this one up and you won't regret it!

I also purchased two of the hand soaps because I love their soaps and I love the fall scents! I picked up the Black Cherry Merlot (of course...I told you I'm obsessed) and I also got the Autumn Pumpkin because everyone should have pumpkin scented soaps in the fall time!

That's it for this haul, pretty small but it is just about to be the start of fall so I have plenty of time! I also live in Florida where it still feels like the dead of the summer and I am starting to loose hope of us having a fall or winter but I will be damned if I can't light my fall candles and enjoy them! LOL. I hope y'all liked this post and let me know what your favorite candles are and if there are any you think I should try! As always don't forget to subscribe and follow my social media sites!



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