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Hey Y'all!! I am finally getting around to sharing some of my experiences while I was in Atlanta! Long time coming..LOL!!

One of our last days in town we decided we wanted to become one with nature. Coming from Florida where everything is flat we apparently thought hiking 6 miles up the hill (as my dad would say) was a good idea to do the day before we had to sit in a car for 8 hours. I might of been sore the next few days but it was so worth it! They always say "Life is a climb but the view is great"...okay maybe Miley Cyrus said that but seriously this park was so breathtaking!

The old paper mill was so pretty and cool to see and go through...not going to lie I almost face planted trying to make it down and I ended up pretty darn muddy but you can't be mad when you have a view this great!

It was so hot and humid but seeing all the beautiful things around made it so worth it. It took us a few hours, a few almost face plants and some muddy shoes and pants (side note, it rained so hard the night before) but we completed and conquered the Sope Creek Trail!

Outfit Details

Tank: Target

Leggings: Victorias Secret

Shoes (Similar ones): Nike

If you have ever been to Atlanta let me know if you have done the Sope Creek trail, if you haven't let me know what trails are fun to do! Since my sister lives there I plan to go back quite often and am always up for fun things! As always I hope you all enjoyed and don't forget to connect with me on my social media sites!



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