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Hey y'all! I have been so busy this week but I wanted to take some time and share my current favorites with you! I don't have too many but what I do have are so good, you are going to want to try them all!!

Starting with my makeup favorites! These two products have been my go to for my face makeup! I have oily skin just like I have mentioned before and these have helped keep my skin looking good through the day! The first product is the Too Faced Born this way concealer! First off can we talk about how much product you get with this, I mean it is totally worth the money! I have stopped using foundation unless I absolutely need it so I have been using concealer only and some powder and it helps keep my face matte through the day. I also want to say that I was a little nervous to try this concealer because I have heard that the Too Faced Born this way products are normally hydrating and that can be an Oily girls nightmare but so far I have not had a problem, so don't be afraid!!

The other product I love for my face has been the Urban Decay De Slick setting spray. I am not going to lie I have always kind of thought that setting spray was a little gimmicky, however, after trying this one I have realized it is so worth it! I put this on after I finish doing my entire face and it just sets my makeup in place all day! I am definitely going to be purchasing the full size product.

Still talking about makeup I wanted to include my favorite eyeshadow which has been the Loreal Infallible Paints Metallics in Brass Knuckles. I love how big this eyeshadow is and also I love the bronzed look! I keep my makeup pretty simple these days and this is so easy to apply with my finger and just add my bronzer in the crease. So easy and perfect! The other thing I have been using daily has been this lip combo! Seriously the most perfect mauvy natural look! I start with the NYX lip liner in Natural and follow up with the Wet and Wild Liquid Catsuit in Rebel Rose!

Next up is Fashion! I have quite a few fashion favorites but I am saving those to do separate posts about them! The ones I wanted to share with you now are the Adidas Cloudfoam Pure sneakers I have been loving! You can just slip them on and they are perfect for athleisure wear and also to train in!

My last favorite right now are my wine favorites! I wanted to start sharing my wine favorites because let's be honest I drink a lot of wine and I absolutely love it LOL. So my favorite for right now is the Apothic brand Rose and I will say when I first tried this I wasn't a fan and then once I started to drink it more I have fallen in love! The other thing I have been loving has been the little gadget inside the bottle! My sister bought me the Corkcicle winecicle and I love it! You just put it in the freezer for 8 hours then put it inside your wine bottle to chill it, you can also pour your wine right out from it!

Well that's it y'all! My current favorites and I think you guys need to try them all! Let me know what your favorites are, I am always trying to find new things to try! Love you guys and don't forget to subscribe and follow my social media sites!!



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