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Hey Y'all! Today I am talking about one of my new favorite brands! Nectar Sunglasses! If you guys haven't heard of them or ordered from them you are seriously missing out! The first time I had ever heard about them was on Southern Charm when Chelsea would wear the T shirts. I started to look into it after that and realized how fast I loved their products. I love when I can support a company that gives back to something positive, Nectar donates a portion of their profits from every pair of sunglasses purchased to The Bee Cause. If you are looking for an affordable but kick ass pair of sunglasses make sure to check them out! I will make sure I link the pairs I have in this post!

This pair is by far my favorite ones! I am a sucker for aviators and especially aviators with colored and mirrored lenses! The pink is such a girly but fun touch! Another thing about these glasses is they are so lightweight but durable! I wore them in the ocean this past weekend and it had to of been the roughest day out there and they stayed on my face with no problem. They are also polarized which I appreciate and won't buy any glasses that are not.

Here is the link!

These next ones are totally different for me to wear but holy moly, I LOVE them! Again with the mirrored lenses but I love the bright blue color! These are just a fun pair and especially great for days that you don't want to wear makeup but have to go in public. They just hide everything perfectly!

Here is the Link!

Lastly the t-shirt! I love wearing t-shirts and this one is one of the most comfortable ones I have owned! I love wearing this as a beach cover up, to sleep in or just lounge around! I love the pineapple detail and I think it's just the cutest thing!

Here is the link!

Y'all I love supporting companies and brands that give back to good causes and I especially love it when they have great products! I highly recommend checking them out and purchasing something. I promise you won't regret it! I will link my affiliate link so that you can shop and get 10% off but I will also link the website in case you don't want to go through my link. Let me know if you order something and if you love it just like I do!

XOXO Taylor

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