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Hey y'all!! It is a new month and that means I get to share with you my favorites from the previous month. June was great for a few reasons, for one it was my birthday month and for two I had some pretty awesome things going on! I was pretty busy so I kept things fairly simple, although I don't have too many products to share I promise you the ones that I have are worth every penny! Keep reading if you want to know what I haven't been able to live without!

Bath and Body Works Island white Sand Body Lotion and the Body Spray. This combo smells amazing! If you like coconut scents than you will love this! It is the most perfect lightweight coconut smell and just smells like you were out on the beach all day and have a nice golden tan!

The next product is also from Bath and Body Works and it is the Aqua Marine Fragrance mist! I can't even explain to you how much I love this scent! It is more of a musky clean scent and smells a little like a mans cologne but I absolutely love it!!

Bath and Body Works Coco Shea Moisturizing Body Oil! This stuff is perfect for the glow that we are all trying to achieve summer! I love applying this after a day in the sun when I just get out of the shower. I just mix it in with my body lotion and apply it everywhere. I also feel like it helps when you have a little sunburn to turn it into a tan quickly and keep you from peeling. It truly is so moisturizing but doesn't make you feel sticky or greasy!

Also in the same Coco Shea line, I have been loving the Coconut hair serum! I apply this stuff just to the ends of my hair after a shower and even after I have curled my hair to make it look smoother but also beachy. This stuff makes your hair smell amazing and even though it is such an extra product I really think it is worth the money!

Healthy Sexy Hair: Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner! I can't say enough good things about this product. I have used this for such a long time and just keep re purchasing it! I notice such a difference in the smoothness of my hair when I use this right after a shower!

Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum! I live in FL where the weather is hot and humid pretty much all year. My hair is naturally wavy and that mixed with the humidity is almost impossible to manage. I find that when I use this on my wet hair it makes it a little more manageable and easier to style. I also find it holds whatever style a little longer! Absolutely love this product!!

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray! I love beachy textured waves in the summer and this is perfect for that look! I literally take this everywhere with me and couldn't live without it right now!

Bumble & Bumble Pret A Powder! Another product to help me get that textured look! It also gives me massive volume which I love! Also couldn't live without this product and I definitely plan on buying the full size bottle!

Sun Bum Face Stick! This is the only face sunscreen that I can use that will not break me out! I love it and it smells so good too! So easy to apply and I don't feel like it makes me look or feel greasy!

Essence Brighten up powder! I talked about this in my Ulta haul post and I am still obsessed! I use this to set my under eye concealer and anywhere that I want to naturally look brighter! So cheap and I will cry if they ever get rid of this product!

Wet & Wild Highlighting Powder in Blossom Glow! I love all the Wet and Wild highlighters but this particular one I use on my eyes as eye shadow and I have been loving the look. I am really into being simple with my makeup lately so I use my bronzer in the crease and this on the lid...I love the look and honestly can it get any easier?!

Can we see a pattern here? I didn't realize until now that most of my products are hair products! I guess I have been more into making my hair look good than anything else lately! Well anyways I hope y'all enjoyed my monthly favorites and I want to know what you have been loving! Don't forget to subscribe and follow all my social media sites!



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