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Hey Y'all!! I am so excited for today's post, It is going to be all about my self tanning routine and some tips and tricks I have learned over the years! I am naturally a very olive skin toned person. When I was growing up and still to this day I can be out in the sun for 20 min and get 5 shades darker, however, laying out in the sun is not the healthiest way to tan...and neither is a tanning bed! You guys I can't stress this enough but tanning beds are hands down the most dangerous and unhealthy thing you can do to you body, please don't EVER use them!! Now that my little rant about tanning beds is over lets move on! I have been using self tanner since I graduated high school a little over 5 years ago (WOW I feel old!) so I feel like I have mastered a few trick along the way! . If you want to know how I get a bronzed glow and keep it for a while then please keep reading!

Starting off...I normally start my tanning routine on a Wednesday night that way I can be

my darkest over the weekend. So Wednesday nights are kind of my "Spa/Self Care" nights I guess you could say. I begin with dry brushing before I even take a shower (I am going to do a whole post on the benefits of dry brushing) that helps to get rid of the old self tanner and dead skin. I then hop in the shower and exfoliate. To do that I use a sugar scrub ,the Soap and Glory Scrub of your Life or Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub and exfoliating gloves. I am going to include a little DIY sugar scrub recipe down below!! Exfoliating is pretty self explanatory but again you just want to scrub any dead skin and left over tanner off, you want to start with a fresh base for your new tan!


You will need:

1 Cup Sugar

1/2 cup Coconut oil

Optional Ingredients: Vanilla extract and Essential Oil ( My favorite is Lavender)

Mix everything today and voila you have your very own and cheap sugar scrub!

After the shower I will moisturize, here's the trick! You only moisturize the parts that the tanner would naturally stick to and clump up...which is, your elbows, knees, ankles and wrists. I just use a light weight cocoa butter lotion (like this one from Target)

Once I am exfoliated and moisturized it's time for my favorite part! The self tanner!!


St Tropez Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse

St Tropez Gradual Tinted Everyday Body Lotion

Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tinted Tan Mousse (Dark)

Vita Liberta Fabulous Tinted Self Tanning Lotion

Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse (Ultra Dark)

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse (Dark)

Fake Bake Flawless Darker Self Tan Liquid

I ALWAYS use a mitt to apply it to my body (Nobody wants orange hands!) and when applying I start with my legs and feet then working my way up my body in circular motions. The reason I start below and work my way up is so that I am not bending over to do my legs and causing the tanner to crease on my stomach. Once my whole body is tanned I will just let it dry completely before getting dressed.


- If you are going to self tan your face, DO NOT apply directly to your face. Just use what ever is left on the mitt after and rub in circular motions across your skin. Let sit for about an hour before rinsing.

- Wear loose fitted clothing after it dries!

- Self tan at night that way it will develop over night

- Make sure to moisturize daily after you self tan! You want to keep that bronzed glow!!

- Use a dry oil mixed with your moisturizer every day/night to maximize the glow!

That's it y'all! That is exactly what my self tanning routine is and I love the look it gives me the next day and for about 10 days after! If you enjoyed this please let me know and subscribe to my blog! Also follow me on social media and let me know what your favorite tanners are and if you have any tips and tricks you think I should know!



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