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Hey Y'all! This weekend was my birthday weekend and I just wanted to share some of the things I did with you! I love birthdays and some people may say they hate getting older but I look at every year like a new start. I love looking back on my years and seeing what I accomplished and learned.

Looking back on 22!

22 was a pretty great year! It had it's up and downs but overall I couldn't of asked for anything better. I traveled by myself, I experienced new places and learned some lessons. I learned that not everyone you let in your life is here for the right reasons. I also learned that it is okay to let toxic people go, if someone is not bringing you positive energy then they don't need to be around. I also re launched my blog which has been so exciting for me! I have so many plans for my brand in the next year I can't wait to share them with you all!!

NOW...let's get into this weekend!

Friday (June 22nd) was my actual birthday! I kept it pretty low key and just went to dinner with my family. We went to a local Hibachi place and it was so much fun! The food was amazing and just thinking of it makes me want to go now. LOL. After dinner we went back to my house for cake that my momma made! I had a glass of wine with my sister and watched the kiddos have a dance party. Eventually I joined in for that dance party!! After everyone left we watched Sixteen Candles which has become a tradition for me to watch on my birthday. I mean what girl wouldn't want a Jake Ryan?? It was such a fun night and I loved having a laid back birthday!

Outfit details! Top: Tillys, White pants: Hollister, Taupe heels: Tillys

Saturday was my birthday dinner and celebration with my best friends! We went to outback to carb up before drinking because were smart girls! LOL. I truly have the best group of friends, I got flowers, balloons, rose and a wine glass from them. I never expect gifts from anyone and for them to do nice things for me just makes me so happy and appreciative!! We went to a few local bars after and of course had some drinks. I had so much fun and if you follow my Instagram you saw my stories! I just really love my group of friends and I have no idea where I would be without them!

As for today, Sunday. It is the last day of my birthday weekend and I have kept it very relaxed. I slept in, got up and just floated around the pool for a while, got out and now I am just writing this post while sitting on my patio enjoying a glass of wine. To top it all off my mom is making one of my favorite dinners! This weekend was a great one and I am so excited for 23. I feel like there is going to be some great things happening this year! Don't forget to follow my journey and keep up with all the exciting things I am going to be doing.



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