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Hey Y'all!! So I had a cute little dinner date Tuesday night! Don't get too excited it was with my little brother!

Tuesday was my parents wedding anniversary...37 years! Bless their hearts because lord knows I don't know if I could be married to someone for that long. JK But anyways while they were out at dinner I took my brother to get burgers! It was so nice getting to hangout with him and see how he is turning into such a little man. He's 10 going on 25 Y'all...this boy has more sass than a teenage girl sometimes. He just has this funny personality that lights up any room he is in and as much as he can be a pain he is also the most loving little boy around. I can't imagine a life without a little brother.

OK, enough of the mushy stuff! After dinner we went over to the boardwalk (Logan's request) and I totally did not mind one bit because he is now my built in photographer! Seriously can you believe he took these pictures?! Yeah me neither!

My top is from Marshall's, the brand is One Clothing

My distressed jeans are from Hollister

The bralette under my shirt is Victoria's Secret

Sunglasses are Ray Ban

Sandals are Target

After he filled my phone up with photos he decided it was his turn to...yes he made me take pictures of him too. I seriously can't handle this kid LOL. So here you go! Logan in all his glory.

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