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Hey Y'all! Today I am sharing with you all my tips on how to use coconut oil! Coconut oil is probably hands down one of my most used product of all time! It is defintely a must have for me and when I run out I would by lying if I said I don't panic just a bit! Read on to see how I use it!

A few things to remeber:

- DO NOT microwave your oil to melt it, it will melt naturally with the warmth of your hands. Microwaving it will alter the chemical structure and cause it to not work the same.

- Keep coconut oil at room temp...It will turn to solid in room temp and then melt naturally when you warm it up in your hands

- You can purchase coconut oil at any grocery store, target or even drug stores. The cheapest place I have found to buy it is ALDI though!

1. Makeup Remover! This stuff works GREAT to take off all waterproof makeup! I have naturally oily skin so I do avoid using this all over my face but during the summer time when I am wearing waterproof mascara this is my go to remover! All you need is a cotton pad and I just apply it to the pad and let it sit on my eye for a few seconds, once I gently rub it away all the makeup comes off so easily!

2. Stretch mark cream! Seriously you guys if you have any stretch marks or cellulite putting coconut oil on every day makes such a difference! I have some stretch marks on the side of my upper thigh and I have noticed a huge difference in the lightness and overall the size of them. I swear by this trick!

3. Moisturizer...DUH! Ladies lets be honest we all want that glowing skin in the summertime and heck all year round for me! This is my trick for that...Putting coconut oil on your body every night after the shower just brings out that natural glow...especially if you have a nice tan! Hello glowing goddess!!

4. Sun Burn cream! You guys...this is even better than aloe! I have recently had a few bad burns which always happens to me at the beginning of the summer and I have found that putting coconut oil on helps when you start to peel. It is so crucial to keep the moisture in your skin after a sun burn!!

5. Lip balm/ Lip scrub! One of my go to's is always putting cocunut oil on my lips before bed, it has just become part of my moisturizing routine (sounds high maintence...I KNOW) but I feel like I am always dealing with dry lips and this has helped so much!

One of my other favorite ways to use this on my lips is as a lip scrub! Just mix a little sugar in there and you have yourself the perfect moisurizing but exfoliating scrub!

6. Under Eye Cream! I know I said I don't use this on my face but I sure as heck use this under my eyes! Have you seen how much eye creams normally cost?! No way jose, I am balling on a budget LOL. Seriously though coconut oil works AMAZING as an under eye cream! It has defintely helped my dark circles and puffiness!

7. Body Scrub! I love doing this on nights that I need to exfoliate! It is no secret that I love my self tanner and usually once a week I need to exfoliate it all off and apply a fresh layer of tan! This is one of my favorite scrubs since it is so moisturzing but also gets the job done! Just mix some sugar in and you are good to go! You could also add a little essentail oil if you want it to smell better!

8. Deep Conditioner! I LOVE LOVE LOVE using coconut oil in my hair! Once a week I will apply it from roots to ends, throw my hair in a bun and use bobby pins to secure it then sleep with the oil in my hair! Just make sure to put a soft towel over your pillow! The next day just take your hair down, rinse it out (make sure to shampoo and condition hair twice!!) and you have the softest hair!

9. last but not least...Eczema cream! I do suffer from eczema from time to time and this has really helped. When I start to see it flaring up I just make sure to apply a liberal amount a few times a day to the area and it will completely go away within a few days!

It is safe to say I LOVE me some coconut oil and I really hope y'all found these tips and tricks helpful! Let me know if you have any different ways you use it! I love to branch out and try new things!

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