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36 Hours In Savannah GA!

Traveling is one of my Favorite things to do and I love exploring new places! I recently took a trip to Savannah, GA for a girls weekend with my good friends! If you have never been to Savannah you wouldn't know that it is such a dog friendly, people friendly ad all around fun place! We spent the weekend sight seeing, hanging out on River street, trying new restaurants and shopping...we also did our fair share of sampling all kinds of drinks since Savannah is an open carry town.

The first night in town we wanted to have a pretty low key and casual night out so we went to a place on River Street called the Shrimp Factory...I wasn't too hungry that night but I ended up getting the BBQ shrimp and bacon skewers and holy cow! They were so good! low key and casual night ended up taking us to the Tree House Bar. If you have been to Savannah or are from that area I am pretty sure EVERYONE knows about Tree House. The drink menu is quite interesting and even though we didn't end up getting any specialty drinks we still had a great time dancing and meeting new people!

Saturday was our first and only full day in Savannah so we wanted to take advantage of the cute little shops and fun things they had...We once again went back over to River Street and found a little flea market that did Henna tattoos. I love Henna and my friend and I ended up getting one later on! Then we headed over to the downtown area and went to the more main stream stores (not so much the touristy ones). After shopping all day, we got ready to have our fun and dressy night out. We partied all night and ended up not going to bed until 6 am! Overall I would say it was such a great weekend and an awesome place to visit. I can't wait to go back but maybe next time It will be a little more low key LOL. It's only about a 5 hour drive from where I live in Florida so it's the perfect place for a weekend trip!

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